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Ground and Surface Water

Aquifer recharge
  • Developers and landowners should identify and protect aquifer recharge features.

Blanco Pedernales Groundwater Conservation District

  • Rainwater harvesting should be used where practical to supplement or replace the need for groundwater and reduce strain on public water systems.

Blanco Pedernales Groundwater Conservation District

Blanco County Subdivision Guidelines

Blanco County Development Rules

Hill Country Alliance Rainwater Harvest Issue Paper

  • Sustainable landscaping should be used to promote water capture and minimize irrigation water requirements.

Hill Country Alliance Groundwater Supply Issue Paper

Hill Country Alliance Native Landscaping Issue Paper

Texas A&M Agrilife Extension paper on Xeriscape

  • Minimize or do not discharge treated wastewater into pristine streams and rivers.  Consider alternatives, including repurposing gray water for irrigation and use of drain fields.  If discharge cannot be avoided, treat to the lowest practically achievable phosphorus levels.

One Water in the Texas Hill Country, Guidebook

Discharging Treated Effluent into Hill Country Streams and Creeks: Myths and Truths

Sustain Landscape
Min Wastewater
Rainwater Harvest
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Landscape and Wildlife Conservation

  • Landscape and Wildlife Conservation.

Extension Agent Blanco County

Blanco County


Natural Resource Conservation Service, Texas

Johnson City\

  • Maintain healthy riparian habitat along our rivers and streams.  Consider setting aside green space along waterways in development plans.

Healthy Riparian Areas Issue Paper:  Hill Country Alliance

Your Remarkable Riparian Owners Manual; Nueces River Authority       

A for purchase guidebook.

  • Avoid clear cutting.  In addition to oak trees, many other trees, shrubs and grasses are critical to maintaining a healthy and diverse landscape,


Landowners Guide:  Stewarding the Pedernales River Basin

  • Prevent damage to oak trees that could cause Oak Wilt.

Texas A&M Forest Service

Hill Country Portal/Oak Wilt

  • Adopt practices to minimize fire risk.

Hill Country Portal/Fire Protection

Landscape Cons
Clear cutting
oak wilt
The Milky Way is visible over an old oak tree and a field of tall grass in the central Tex

Dark Night Sky

•Landowners, businesses, and developers are encouraged to adopt dark sky lighting practices. Subdivisions are also encouraged to adopt dark sky lighting practices in deed restrictions.

What is light pollution?

Lighting guidelines - How to prevent light pollution

Light bulb basics

Types of lights

PEC Fact Sheet

Neighbors - Hold on, Pardner. That's Tresspassin'!

Materials for Educators


Dark Sky Glossary of Terms

Other resources

Dark Sky
Sheep and a covered wagon at Lyndon B. Johnson State Park and Historic Site and the Sauer-

Preservation of Rural Character and History

  • Consider strategies such as voluntary, negotiated conservation easements to preserve agricultural lands.

Hill Country Conservancy

Hill Country Alliance issue paper:  Conservation Easements and Working with Land Trusts

  • Identify and preserve historical and archeological sites and features.

Texas Historical Commission

Blanco County Historical Commission

Consider stra
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